Rumely Oil Pull

| May/June 1973

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    Courtesy of Leroy Quandt, Ryder, North Dakota 58779
    Leroy Quandt

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Ryder, North Dakota 58779

The Model 'E' was made from 1911 until 1923 according to Clifford Caron in his article in the July-August 1968 Gas Engine Magazine. It was the second model built by the M. Rumely Company of LaPorte, Indiana. The first was the 25-45 Model 'B', a two cylinder 9-1/2' x 12' built first in 1909. The Model 'F' was built about the same time as the model 'E' but was a single cylinder engine with same size piston as the model 'E' which had 10' bore and 12' stroke. The Model 'E' 30-60 and Model 'F' 15-30 are advertised in the 1916 Gas Review Magazine as the only two models being built. They were the only two models built by Rumely from 1914 to 1917 according to Clifford Caron in his article referred to above.

There were many more models made thru the years especially when the light-weight Rumelys were begun in about 1924. 'Rumely' Bill Krumweide, Voltaire, North Dakota says there were about thirty-two different models sold by the Rumely people. He has nearly all of these models in his collection.

R. B. Gray in his Development of the Agricultural Tractor in the United States gives the following description for the 1911 Rimely Oil Pull 30-60 H.P., 375 r.p.m., 2 cylinder twin horizontal engine with cylinders sloping and offset from center line of crank to reduce angularity of connecting rod on forward stroke. Secor-Higgins kerosene carburetor with water injection; make-and-break ignition with Bosch magneto; automatic throttle governor; mechanical oiler; oil-cooling circulated by centrifugal pump and draft induced through radiator by exhaust; expanding shoe-type clutch; and spur gear final drive. Forward speed, 1.9 m.p.h. compressed air starter.

The early Model 'E' had round spokes in the front wheels, with the center ridge on the rim pressed out of the face of the wheel instead of a bolted on skid rim. The first 80 inch diameter rear wheels had 16 spokes, later had 20 spokes. The front wheels then had 10 spokes made of flat iron. A 1915 Rumely catalog shows tractor number 1297 says Ted Worrall, Loma, Montana.

The following is from the Nebraska test number 8 conducted April 23 to May 11, 1920; Rimely Oil Pull Model 'E' 30-60 Serial number 11521. Maximum load test; 75.60 horsepower developed on belt and 49.91 horsepower on drawbar test. Drawbar pounds pull 10,025. Bore 10' stroke 12', Rated speed 375 r.p.m., 1.9 mi. per hr. weight 26,000 lbs.


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