| October/November 1987

No repairs or adjustments were necessary during the testing period.

Now that I have the old 1928 Rumely Do All tractor restoration project completed, I can say from experience that it took many days and hours of hard work but it was an interesting and challenging project. The satisfaction of restoring something of 59 years ago, that had not run for 45 years, for the use and enjoyment of a different generation was most enjoyable. It is my intention to show or display the Do All tractor at a number of shows, parades, and fairs as time and health permits. I enjoyed owning and driving the old Rumely Do All at age 24 and it has not lessened in 52 years at age 76.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to take this opportunity to thank all those persons that had a part in advising me in the above restoration project. There are too many to list individually.