River Steamer Catalog Reprinted

| March/April 1974

  • Steamer Buckeye

    G. W. Sutphin

  • Steamer Buckeye

The days when steamboats whistled around the bend on America's great rivers are recalled by a reprint of the 1913 catalog of James Rees & Sons, Co., Pittsburgh, which is now available.

With a brown and green cover, it looks just the way the original must have, when it was leafed by businessmen whose firms carried freight and passengers on the waters.

It is a very interesting paperbound volume, brought out by Captain Frederick Way Jr., of Sewickley, Pa., and Gerald W. Sutphin, of Huntington, W. Va. Capt. Way is America's foremost authority on Western river steamboats.

Steam men will be intrigued by the many photographs of the vessels which applied this kind of power to water transportation, plus technical drawings which were meant to inform potential customers about what they were buying.

James Rees worked in steamboat machinery shops and started his own business in 1854 in what is now Pittsburgh's 'Golden Triangle'. He advocated steel hulls, and the firm became international in scope, producing vessels for use in the U. S., South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Price of the book is $3.00. It can be ordered through Stemgas; add 25 cents for mailing.