Rice Field Special

| July/August 1990

  • 100 HP plus tractors

  • 100 HP plus tractors

RR 1, Ashton, IA 51232

As a child I remember seeing the old Standard Tread out in our neighbor's field. I remember the old bachelor who owned it. He was a kind man at peace with the world, who didn't seem to care that the rest of the country was farming with 100 HP plus tractors and buying every square foot of land just to farm a little more!

How the tractor came to be in this part of the Corn Belt remains a mystery to me. The old fellow (Joe Mulhern was his name) bought it to replace his aging M Farmall which he farmed his quarter section with.

As I grew older I always found myself staring at this unusual IH tractor when ever it was in the field. I guess it was just an unusual tractor in this area. Most of what you saw were row crop tractors of various makes. Then one day old Joe passed away about five years ago.

A year passed, maybe two, then came the estate auction. I often thought that I should try to buy that old tractor and keep it as a reminder of old Joe and to keep a handle on my memories of the past.

Auction day came. I was full of anticipation, waiting for my chance to bid on that big outfit. The tension builds as you stand there looking at it and wondering if all those other guys want it to add to their own collections.