1971 Activities, Branch 9, Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association

| March/April 1972

2734 Chaffee St., National City, California 92050.

Branch 9, Southern California, of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association, has completed a year of tremendous activity. In brief, two major shows, one in June in Santee, and the other in October in Costa Mesa were well-attended and a beautiful example of what gas engine buffs at play can do. Many members also this year participated in displays at the Antelope Valley Fair at Lancaster, the Tropico Gold Mine Exposition at Rosamond, and at the Hemet Fair.

This has been a year of doldrums for ye fourth estate, what with poor reporting, bad photography, too much wage-earning activity, and other distractions, the reporting of gas engine club activities has suffered. It has suffered, indeed, but it has prospered too. Perhaps adversity is a stimulant and a proper growth bed for this type of plant. A literal sprinkling of the pungent fertilizer of humility has not hurt in this respect either. Perhaps adversity is a stimulant and, like some of the hardy plants such as cactus, if watered and cared for too well, it might die.

While it is noticeable that certain individuals make an all-out effort in participation in displays and operations, it is also to be noted that many have appeared for the first time this year. The Branch has grown in numbers. As of now we have grown to 271 members including some 50 associates. I suspect that the dirty old engine virus may have spread in their veins too, since their enthusiasm is evident and contagious.

Bean Trac-Pull, piloted by Eric Roseneau of Villa Park.

Al Holten on the business end of the buzz saw pulled by 5 hp Fairbanks Morse. Those old creosoted telephone poles sure are tough!