| January/February 1986

  • John Deere

  • John Deere

RR 6, Box 167, Frankfort, Indiana 46041

This will probably sound like a broken record and will apply to most of the readers of Gas Engine Magazine who restore a tractor, gas engine, or whatever, regardless of what make or model it is.

As a railroader and a farmer combined, I had to have dependable equipment. For tractors I selected John Deere. Those that just got old while I was using them included one each of 1944 and 1951 Model A, 1939 and 1944 Model B, a 1944 Model AR, and the 'new' 1954 Model 60. A few others were sold and scrapped.

I began taking the old 'AR' to shows around 1970. There just were no other Model AR tractors in the area.

My first 'restore' job was a 'basket case' Model G. I bought it in the fall of 1973 and rebuilt it during the winter and spring. It was one of the last open front Model G tractors built, being number 12060. It was built during the last week of October, 1941.

In February, 1983, I bought a 1937 Model A, running. Several months and dollars later I had it completely restored to the same condition as my original 1937 Model A, except that I had a new block and a complete set of new tires.