| January/February 1993

689 Hwy 92, Indianola, Iowa 50125 and Oscar Bailey, Mitchelville, Iowa

I am sending a before and after picture of a Silver King tractor a friend and I restored. It belonged to a close neighbor. In fact, we bought three tractors from him-one was for parts.

We finished one and the other one, well maybe. The tires were well rotted, the motor was stuck after sitting under some trees for ten or fifteen years. We took the motor apart, freed it, bored and sleeved the engine, turned the crank, and did a valve job. Went through the starter and generator, and got a new clutch. We sent the radiator to the shop and got new tires.

My partner, Oscar Bailey, had a neighbor who had worked in a body shop for years, and he did the sanding and painting.

As you can see, it looks as good or better than the day it came out of the dealer's showroom new. We are very proud of this tractor.