| November/December 1967

  • The Canadian Champion
    Sent in by Mrs. Sherwood Hume, 141 Bell St., Milton, Ontario, Canada.
    Mrs. Sherwood Hume

  • The Canadian Champion

141 Bell St., Milton, Ontario, Canada

A huge 40-80 h.p. Minneapolis gas tractor that spent most of its working life plowing and threshing in the wide open spaces of North Dakota was one of the new pieces of equipment at Steam-Era reunion in Milton.

In fact, it was probably the largest tractor ever seen at the show. Standing 11 feet 10 inches high, 23 feet long and 10 feet six inches wide, it was a rather impressive sight.

Sherwood Hume of Milton, one of the hard-working members of the show's sponsors, the Ontario Steam and Antique Preservers' Association, bought the dirty rusty rig from a man in Minnesota and trucked it home to Milton in May of this year. Since then, every available minute he and a host of friends could spare had been spent cleaning, rebuilding and restoring the old junker until it was in running shape.

Restoration of the 1916 tractor has been a labor of love for Mr. Hume and his helpers. It wasn't much to look at when he brought it home last May. The tractor, last used about 1940, had been rescued from where it sat sinking into the mud 70 miles west of Fargo, North Dakota by Danny Roen of Comstock, Minnesota about five years ago. Until Mr. Hume bought it, it just sat rusting away.

Starting the painstaking job of restoring it to as near its original condition as possible, the new owner found it needed a lot of work. The crankshaft was 40/1000ths out of line, the main bearing was burnt out, the connecting rod and main bearing caps were missing, and the mechanical oilers were a wreck. It had more things wrong with it than right.