The Restoration of an Aultman-Taylor Tractor

F. R. Orr talks about his restoration of an Aultman-Taylor tractor.

| January/February 1967

Learn about the restoration of an Aultman-Taylor tractor. 

On a Sunday afternoon on June 3, 1961, while riding around looking for antiques, in the vicinity of Bushnell, Illinois, I came across an Aultman-Taylor tractor #106. After some bit of negotiation with Mr. Carl Mowrey, I became the proud owner of old #106, which we have of lately designated as the "Jolly Green Giant."

This tractor was purchased new by Mr. Harry Kallista of Monmouth, Illinois and shipped by rail to Larch-land station, some few miles from Mr. Kallista's farm, at which place it remained until only a few days before I purchased it.

So the story goes that the tractor and a ten bottom plow had been sold to the Junkman and was to be cut up for junk. Before Mr. Mowrey was able to purchase it the plow had been cut up and disposed of. At this time, he prevailed on Mrs. Kallista to let him have the tractor instead of selling it for scrap.

Mrs. Kallista thought the tractor was delivered about 1911. I and some of my friends have established, with some bit of certainty, that it is about a 1910. To substantiate this 1910 date, I have a 1911 American Threshermans Magazine, which shows their new models and it has a square radiator with fenders. It is a known fact, that the first Aultman-Taylor had a square radiator, a Remy mag and coil, an upright governor on the outside of the engine and no fenders. The 1911 model shown in the American Thresherman has fenders.

One of the first major improvements the company made was the addition of the fenders and then sometime later, they changed to the round radiator. These are the facts upon which I base my thinking that this is a 1910.

neil stroo_3
4/3/2009 3:18:43 PM

I'm trying to find more information on the 1910 aultman taylor pictures on your website. The pictures with the tree growing threw the middle of the engine.