Restoration of a 1944 LA Case

| August/September 1993

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  • Case Tractors

804 Superior Emmetsburg, Iowa 50536

We purchased this LA from Herb Myer, Rural Cylinder, Iowa. It ran good and had pretty good tin, but needed paint. I used it to plow some ground and found that it used quite a bit of oil and also ran hot. I tried to flush the cooling system out but that was only somewhat successful. I then decided that I wanted to rebuild it so it was as near new as possible.

I went out to our local community college here in Emmetsburg and talked to the instructors of the farm equipment department. They need older tractors with simple gas engines to start their freshman students on their program. So, the instructors, Don Hoover and Gary Fuhrman agreed to completely rebuild and restore our LA.

They assigned a student, Nick Schutt, to it and he started tearing it down to see what kind of shape the engine was in. After it was partially torn down, Don Hoover said it needed new sleeves and pistons, valves, valve guides and valve seats.

Once I knew what parts we needed, I had the job of trying to find them, so the hunt began in September, 1991. I contacted Garry Robinson of Midland, North Carolina who has a lot of N.O.S. Case parts and also knows where to find parts he doesn't have. Garry said he could get me the parts I needed for valve repairs but couldn't get sleeves and pistons. He advised me to see if they were available through my local Case dealer. My local parts dealer, Jim Good laxson, checked the computer to see if any dealer in the U. S. had them. Jim said none showed up and that if any dealer had them they were probably in a back room collecting dust, and there was no way of finding them.

Then I started calling other Case collectors, salvage yards, and many Case dealers but I had no success in finding any sleeve and piston sets. After being a little frustrated and many phone calls later, I decided to call Dave Erb in Vinton, Ohio. Dave puts together the magazine for J. I. Case Collectors Association, so I thought he might be able to help me. He said he didn't know of any sleeve and piston sets around but told me to contact Dave Reed of Otto Gas Engine Works, in Elkton, Maryland. I called Dave who told me he had a set and would sell them! I felt relieved that I had made it over the first big hurdle, though many more were to come.