Remembering The 40x72 Case Tractor

| July/August 1990

Rt 1, Box 1$ Steinauer, Nebraska 68441

When I got to page 5 of March 1990 GEM and saw the picture of the 40x72 Case tractor it brought back memories of seeing the 40x72 that was shipped to the Lincoln, Nebraska tractor test facility at the Agri College Campus.

They were checking it out and discussing what streets to travel on, or to reload it on a flat car and get it closer to the facility so that it would not have to be driven so far. At that time I don't recall many streets that were paved. The grousers were on and skid rims were on the wheels. I never heard it run.

The next I heard was that a man stopped by and my father asked how the test turned out. The man told him that so far the facility had not tested a tractor with that much power and they had to send off for a wider than 8' belt to hold the power that the 40x72 put out.

The test was conducted and completed as test #90 and the records are still available, I'm told.

In 1920 Nebraska enacted a law that every model of tractor that was to be sold in Nebraska had to be tested. When looking into tractor ratings made around 1920, I found records were changed and many HP ratings were lowered.