A Brief Word

| April/May 1999

34/4/13 Walsh Garden Tractor Q. See the photos of a Walsh garden tractor, Number D-7000. It was manufactured by Walsh Tractor Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Can anyone provide information on the proper color scheme, and when this tractor was built? Is there a source for parts and manuals? Stewart R. Painter, 2402 Riverside Terrace, Manasquan, NJ 08736.

A. We know of no organized source for parts and/or manuals, but can suggest using a GEM advertisement to assist in locating what is needed.

34/4/14 Tractor Badges

We call them logos or logo plates or hood ornaments, but in the UK they call them tractor badges. Regardless, we have a letter from England for a company that makes reproductions for a variety of tractors, especially for Ford, Fordson, David Brown, and International Harvester. If interested, contact:

F. J. Williams Tractor Badges 22 Badgers Field Chipping Camden, Glos. GL55 6EL England Or e-mail:

34/4/15 Economy Engine? Q. See the photos of an engine with an Economy decal, but it sure looks like a Cushman. The nameplate reads: Engine No. 25-JK1814L, 775 rpm, 2?-3? JK. When was it made?