Rebuilding A Case

| March/April 1985

Jr. Pemrith Farm Lodi, New York 14860

When I started to re-build my 1929 cross motor Case tractor 25-45, I found that the exhaust and intake manifolds were in bad shape. Bolting tabs were missing, one in take part on the head was cracked, and there were areas where the old cast iron had burned through. Re-casting was too expensive. 22 hours were spent with a welder in re-building. Surface grinding was then done in order to bring the mating surfaces into some kind of relationship. There was still a lot of warp page in the exhaust port areas. Using 3 different thicknesses of compressed asbestos gasket material, I made a lot of gaskets, and spent considerable time fitting them, paying particular attention to the in-take parts. There were still some open spaces on the exhaust parts.

I then applied very liberal amounts of silicon paste to the mating surfaces, again paying particular attention to the intake parts. The silicon can be purchased at any automotive supply store. It is designed to repair catalytic converters and auto exhaust systems there is little, or shrinkage of this material and the past sets up very hard. It will take all the heat that the gas engine puts out. I was very careful in drawing up the paste into any cracks that still existed, and ended up with a tight manifold system.