Rare IHC Rescued from Carolina WEED PATCH

| January/February 1985

1710 Hanover Pike Littlestown, Pennsylvania 17340

After resting for who knows how many years in North Carolina, an old 8-16 was owned by Mr. Paul Russell and not for sale. However, in December of 1983 he decided to sell it and the present owner is Mr. Dale Alger of Luray, Virginia.

After only eight months of work, I feel that Dale and his son Mark have certainly done an excellent job on the tractor. When the tractor was first brought home (Dale did not see the tractor as shown in picture #1) and looked over more carefully, Dale wondered what he was really getting involved with.

As can be seen in the picture the tractor was quite rough-note the rocker arm assembly between the hopper and flywheel. The piston had a piece broken out a couple inches long so a new piece has to be cast welded in and the whole piston turned. Then the block was bored and sleeved. All the roller bearings in the transmission had to be replaced and since no new bearings could be located, bronze bushings were installed in the transmission. And a new drive chain had to be found.

The tractor, serial number SB 2337, is one of the earliest Mogul tractors which had a sheet metal hopper instead of a cast iron hopper like later Moguls. Also instead of having eccentric sleeves fitted to the rear axle to tighten the drive chain, it has an idler assembly bolted to the frame to tighten the chain. As can be seen in picture #2, the tractor turned out beautifully! 1 took this picture at the 8th Somerset Steam and Gas Pasture Party held in Somerset, Virginia on August 25-26, 1984

Anyone who can give any information on related stories about Mogul tractors should write to Dale Alger, Rt. 1 Box 481, Luray, Virginia 22835 He is a very pleasant fellow to correspond with.