Quest for an 8-16

| May/June 1993

R. D. 9, Box 260, Bridgeton, New Jersey 08302

After many years of admiring old farm equipment, I finally decided to go out and search for an old tractor. In the spring of 1991, I started to research what kind of tractor I would look for. After reading many books and looking through the Encyclopedia of Farm Tractors, I decided it would be an International 8-16 kerosene tractor.

So not knowing where to start, I figured I would start the same place I look for other antiques, at the local flea market. I made a sign that had pictures of old tractors on it, including an 8-16, and rented a spot and put up my sign. Many people who had old tractors inquired, but the equipment was not old enough for me. After a month at no luck, a retired gentleman named Paul Spence, approached me and asked if I had ever seen any antique gas engines with flywheels while looking for tractors, as he too collected them. And if I helped him look, he would help me.

So we exchanged phone numbers and he went on his way. A couple of days later he called and asked if I would like to attend a meeting of the Pine Lands Antique Engine Club.

I went to the meeting and explained that I was looking for an 8-16 International kerosene tractor. I was told my chances were slim to find one locally, and that most members have never even seen one. But I didn't let it get me down.

At the end of June I ran into Paul at the flea market and he had just come from a yard sale that had some old tractors with steel wheels. We jumped in the truck and went over. We talked to the gentleman and he informed me the tractors were F-12 International Farmalls. One had steel wheels, one had cut off steel with rubber tires, and one had NO wheels at all. I really wanted the one on steel, but it was not for sale yet-maybe soon. So I gave him my phone number and went home.