Pumpkin Festival Case

| December/January 1989

1115 Clintonville Road, Winchester, Kentucky 4039

It was 1987, and my friend Ted and I were making plans to get together for the Pumpkin Festival. Ted happened to mention that he knew of someone who had some tractors for sale. He didn't know exactly how many, and he could remember the guy's name but not his telephone number. We tried to find the number, but it wasn't listed. We put it on the back burner for a little while.

Next time I got with Ted to talk, he had found the number, talked with the guy, and arranged for him to meet with me at the Pumpkin Festival and talk about the old tractors he had for sale.

The day of the Festival came, and we set up our booths. At about 11:00, the guy showed up to take me to see the tractors. His place was fifteen or twenty miles out in the country, and sure enough, he had three tractors and an old stationary hay baler for sale. One of the tractors was a 1939 F-14 Farmall with steel on the rear and rubber on the front. Another was an old Massey Harris, I believe it to be a 20, but I'm not sure about that because it's in pretty rough condition. And the third was a 1937 Case model C, rubber all the way around. The Case was in pretty good shape bodywise, but was all rusty, 'cause it hadn't been cleaned in probably 8-10 years.

All three tractors had stuck engines, and the old hay baler was missing its engine, an old International, which had been taken off somewhere along the way.

We talked for awhile, and we came to an agreement about price, and I bought all three tractors and the hay baler.