Pride & Joy

| July/August 1991

  • Pride and Joy

  • Pride and Joy

2666 State Road 25 N Lafayette, Indiana 47905

This is a picture of my 'Pride and Joy'-1955 WD-45 Diesel, serial D205972, which I restored and painted. I think I'm qualified after being a mechanic on B-17 bombers in the Eighth Air Force, at Lafayette IH for 21 years, at Lafayette Truck Center for 16 years, and retired for six years now.

I purchased this tractor at a farm sale south of Muncie, Indiana in the Blue River Valley. It was in bad shape but not rusted too badly. It had dirt balls in the air cleaner, and fuel and oil leaking all over, which caused dirt to collect from front to rear. I ground the valves and replaced a set of piston rings-the top ring was worn half through. I adjusted the pop off pressure on all the injectors on my tester. When replacing the front oil seal I found the front timing gear cover, dated June 13, 1955.

The tractor had been repainted and the paint was peeling off. I had to replace the air cleaner intake pipe because it had been bent both forward and backward. The radiator grill was dented about two inches on top, which I beat out and refinished.

I had to split the tractor at the transmission to replace bearings and gears because it was jumping out of third gear. I also replaced the left brake lining, which is no easy job.

Allis Chalmers purchased Buda in 1953. In 1955 they began installing the six cylinder 230 cube-15.5:1, 1625 r.p.m. engine in the WD-45's. They had to move the radiator forward about six inches because this six cylinder diesel engine was longer. It hit the market in 1955 for $3,400; they quit in 1957 after 6,536 were made, as was in the Old Allis News.