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Crossley type P1075 serial number 94808, 8 HP built in 1926. This engine was used by a stone mason to cut stone, he lived 20 miles west of here. He used it regularly for 50 years until the day he died in his late eighties.
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Here is an upright New Way owned by Stanley Soudersof, Bangor, Pennsylvania.
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5 HP Aeromotor, ser ial #4MSII, bore and stroke 5 x 7. Original price was $155.00.
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Sandusky tractor built by Dauch Mfg. Company, Sandusky, Ohio 1020 HP. This tractor is the only one known of this size and the engine and transmission are missing. Anybody that knows anything about this company or any more tractors like this, I would appre
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Shown is a HP Duro (made by Stover), serial number AC 105391, bore and stroke 2 x 2. Flywheel is 10 x 13/8.
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Capital tractor built by C.H.A. Dissinger and Bro. Co., Inc., Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. This company built 1 and 2 cylinder tractors in at least 5 sizes. Some people still living remember the tractors but none are left today. They also built stationary
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