| July/August 1984

Pictured is my father's 20-40 Rumely Oil Pull that he used to use on a threshing machine, a corn shelter and to pull a 6-bottom plow.

Rev. Arthur J.Johnson running Caterpillar 20 tractor, 1927 model.

Roy L. Hansons engine

This is my very rare engine built in Charles City, Iowa, about 1900. The nameplate attached reads: 'Hart Parr Co., Charles City, Iowa. Engine no. 1172.' The gasoline tank is in the base; the radiator is for cooling with oil and it has a vertical cylinder with the crank at the top. It was made with hot tube ignition or spark ignition. I also have the original instructions for operation. It was bought new by my father and I am the only other owner in its lifetime.

Chase gas engine manufactured in Mason City, Iowa before 1920. They were in business for two years. 7 HP.

Above is a John Deere W power unit about 1/3 scale. It was built by George G. Scott of Outlook, Montana 59252, who completed the project in about 1000 hours in 1983. Bore and stroke are 1.7' each, weight is about 100 pounds and RPM 2005000. Since the picture was taken a starter has been added as well as a more appropriate carb. Scott says making his own patterns was a new experience for him and that the engine started and ran well at shows in the summer and fall of 1983.