| May/June 1978

I'd like to hear from anyone who knows anything as to who manufactured this engine. The serial number it T 1111  the flywheels measure 25' x 3' and the bore and stroke is 4?' x 6?.' Notice the hand crank in the flywheel - the engine is designed to run backward. Courtesy of Jim Hickey, 1336 Peach Avenue, El Cajon, California 92021.

Thanks to Mr. Easel Pierce of Craigville, Mr. Pierce also provided us with the following information. Supposedly the Co-op Model C tractor was built by the Indiana Farm Bureau Co-op at Shelbyville, Indiana, in 1945. It is believed that only 66 were made. The tractor used a Continental 124 cubic inch flathead engine. As of this date, we know of only three of this particular model of tractor that are in existence. We have one in our yard here in Lincoln, Nebraska, and would like to find a home for it where the tractor would be restored and preserved. We certainly want to thank Gas Engine Magazine for helping us in making contact with Mr. Pierce to correctly identify the tractor. Courtesy of Andrew Goodman, P.O. Box 80957, Lincoln, Nebraska 68501.

Two cylinder, 1920 Canadian 14-28 HP tractor. Wood spokes in rear wheels. Made in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Wood beam frame. Owned and restored by Reynolds Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Courtesy of Stanley G. Reynolds, Box 6780, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada T9A 2B6.

A picture of an extremely rare Neverstop - made by the Lazier Gas Engine Company, Buffalo, New York, It is rated at 4 HP, has spark plug ignition- hit and miss governor, 5' bore, 6' stroke, 25? flywheel diameter. Courtesy of Dale Nickerson, Glasgow Road, Cassadaga, New York 14718.