| May/June 1977

That's me on my 1928 'D' John Deere tractor. Comparing the two tractors doing field work, my 1928 John Deere has 15 HP in the drawbar, compared to 150 HP in the drawbar of the 1974 International Turbo charged diesel.

This picture was taken shortly after I restored the tractor which was setting outside for twenty years.

I am sending two pictures of a replica of an oil pull tractor which I put together with a back end drive from a F12 Farmall and front axle from a McCormick Deering 10-20. The engine is a Fairbanks Morse 6 H.P. with John Deere Model B clutch and pulley, Opel angle drive and Pontiac steering.

Note to Milo Blauvelt: This is what happened to that 6 H.P. engine.

Pictured is a Danish Mill which is being restored and in which I have been very much involved. At the present time, we are in the process of installing the mill stones. When completed, it should be an operating mill, probably the only one in the U.S. in operating condition. The wings are 67 foot long and the mill stands 50 feet high to the top of the cap.

A combination seldom seen, 1923 Fordson, and a 1921 Curtis Air Compressor. This type compressor was made only for the Fordson. Robert (Bob) Early, Pleasant Valley, Virginia is the proud owner. Shown at the Bridgewater Vol. Fire Co. Steam and Gas Meet.