Post Card

| March/April 1980

One of the largest hopper cooled engines ever built-a 25 HP Witte, 10 inch bore, 16 inch stroke; hopper holds 40 gallons of water at 3/4 full level.

Courtesy of Jack Versteeg, 3935 Cooley Drive NE, Salem, Oregon 97303, who comments: 'In years past when castings of this size were made they really had to think big.'

Owned by Clyde Schurman, Woodland, Washington. Posing is Les Layton, (6'4'), show manager of Antique Powerland; shown at Antique Powerland Farm Fair 1979.

Another four wheel drive-not as old as some. This is a Harris built in California about 1948. It is a skid steer tractor with clutches like a crawler, with a six cylinder Chrysler engine.

This was a 'basket case' when I bought it, and it still needs a lot of work, but is now running. I have no idea how many of these are around. This is the only one I have ever seen. I also have a few oil pulls and Hart Parrs.

Threshing oats on Althaus' farm in 1930 with 1926 John Deere, Model D, two cylinder, 15-27 tractor and 1920 Aultman Taylor 27-42 New Century threshing machine.