| June/July 1986


Some of the gas tractors at the 1985 Termings Steam Show, held Labor Day Weekend each year, in Valley Center, Kansas. Notice the covered tour wagons and the 40 HP Case getting ready to climb the Case incline.

A cross-motor Huber which belongs to, and was restored by, Ernie Schmidt of Fremont, Nebraska. It has a Midwest motor and runs a threshing machine at the Papio Valley Show held in July of every year 5 miles northwest of Omaha, Nebraska.

Ron Galletly of 19 Warwick Street, Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand, is the owner of the 1944 WD 9 tractor. Ron says there have been only three owners of the tractor, which has a serial number of 6532. Plow is a P & O Duncan, 4 farrow Sunbeam made in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1946, and restored by Galletly.

'I'm sure your subscribers would be interested to know we restore old tractors and machinery here in New Zealand, too.' The pictures were taken at a ralley in 1983.

The GG General tractor is owned by Marshall Witter of 7881 Corner Rd., Mercersburg, PA 17236.

'It all started by going to a local sheet metal shop one day to see about getting some tin made for a Silver King we were working on. The shop owner said it would be impossible to make, but he had an old Silver King he would sell for parts. We bought it in bits and pieces, never realizing 'til we got it home it wasn't really a Silver King, it was a GG General made by Cleveland Tractor Co., makers of Cletrac crawlers.