| July/August 1981

The Graham-Bradley tractor on this month's cover was built in 1938 and restored in 1980. It is owned by Donald Fitzgerald of 236 Gale Road in Ann Arbor, MI 48105. This tractor is serial #50716 and will be shown this summer at the Central Michigan Show in mason.

This picture was taken at the Thumb Area Old Engine & Tractor Show in Caro, MI, last year. It shows an Ideal air cooled lawn mower engine owned by William C. Kuhl of 464 So. 5th St., Sebewaing, MI 48759.

This 6 H.P. Meco (Manufacturers Engine Co.) was made in Kansas City, MO. It is the property of Jim Hickey of 1333 El Rey Ave., El Cagon, CA 92021, who describes its unusual air intake feature& 'Air enters thru an opening near the needle valve, or, by turning the choke/air intake knob 180 degrees; air is then drawn in thru openings out by the muffler. As the air passed along the exhaust pipe it would be pre-heated. This is a hit and miss engine and as far as I know was not intended to run on kerosene.'