| January/February 1983

This is a 6 HP I.H.C. engine with a scale model of a 1 HP sitting next to it. The model was made without casting and was built by Robert Best. Grant Flood of 406 S. Bellaire, Kansas City, Missouri 64123 is the proud owner of the 6 HP engine, and he sent us the photo.


Pictured is my father, A.C. Eshelman and 'Biffy' Smith's tractor. The photo was taken in the early to mid-forties. A.C. sold the tractor to Biffy in 1940 when it was new and then a few years later put on the cab made from an old car body. If you couldn't afford the MM 'Comfort tractor', this was the next best! I cannot remember a time when we did not have a cab on a tractor. My brothers and I were driving at a fairly young age and since MM had cab tractors in 1938, my father decided he could build one of those cabs. He built one on our new 1941R MM and another on our new 1946 R MM. That cab has been on several tractors and is now back on a R MM owned by A.C. My brother, Dutch, has since purchased an MM Comfort tractor and I have an R with a factory cab. They are on display at our annual show which was held on July 30, 31 and August 1 in 1982. Courtesy Roger L. Eshelman, Box 36, College Springs, Iowa 51637.