| January/February 1978

A 12 HP Associated Engine, displayed at the Lake Region Pioneer Threshermen's Association Show held at Dalton, Minnesota. Photo courtesy of M. B. Martinson, Box 196, Ashby, Minnesota 56309.

Allan B. Reynolds operating a 1916 Monarch 12-20 HP Crawler Tractor, owned and displayed by Reynolds Museum. Courtesy of Reynolds Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada T9A 1X7.

In the front row, left, 1924 Waterloo Boy #29,746; center find me on my 1938 Model L #621,563; right front 1925 Model D #32,961; back row right 1948 Model D #176,924; center 1949 Model G #35,117; left 1953 Model R #18,346.

The Waterloo Boy, 1925 Model D and the Model R only needed to be cleaned and painted. The 1938 Model L had a broken block, motor had to be removed for repairs. The 1948 Model D had a cracked radiator, a 10' hole in the top of the block and a cracked head, welded each part. The Model G has to have the values ground. Courtesy of Roy Hough, Route 1, Sunfield, Michigan 48890

Look at these mud flaps I made for my pick-up - I think they are one of a kind! Courtesy of Harry Bonnema, Box 226, RFD 4, Le Mars, Iowa 51031.

Looks like the end of the line for the old 75, or is it?? Courtesy of C. A. Harsch, E. 9925 Trent Avenue, Spokane, Washington 99206.