Plowing Day at Stauffer's

| September/October 1991

19170 Rd. I-18, R.D. #2 Continental, Ohio 45831

I am sending some pictures of a plowing day we had September 1, 1990, on our farm. We plowed 27 acres of wheat stubble, using three L Cases, serial numbers 342258, 339242, and 322897; LA Case serial number 4826969; DC Case serial number 5420980; and RC Case serial number 315985. We also used a 1928 10-20 McCormick Deering and a 1939 9N Ford, which our father purchased new in 1939. We had about 35 people who attended during the day. We had several other Case tractors ready but did not use them: VAC #482696, SC #5303822; C Case #331857; CC Case #314468; L Case #322897; 400 Case #8062017; 500 Case #8039607. Later we used the 500 Case to work the field with the harrogator. The tractors are owned by Richard Stauffer, Fred Yingling, and Wayne Stauffer.