Pleasure and Pathos

| November/December 1987

4777 Upper Valley Pike, Dayton, Ohio, 45424

With great anticipation of fun days ahead, Dan Elherding of Jamestown, Ohio completed details of his planned trip to the Waukee, Iowa Swap Meet. He loaded his trailer with merchandise and a UC Allis which was to be dropped of at Herb Beckemeyer's near Champaign, Illinois and headed to Dayton to pick up Norm Stuckey.

At the Stuckey farm Dan explained his eight spare tires all fit the trailer and that even now he had one on the trailer losing air. This early trouble before he was even fifty miles from home maybe justified all the spares. Dan and Norm headed down I-70 for Indiana to pick up Allen Beall near Rushville. Only one stop to fill up the three-quarter ton Ford and air for the low trailer tire was enough to get to the Beall farm.

The only break from tractor and engine talk was when Dan changed a trailer tire. Allen had many items he had collected including a very rare Oliver on rubber tracks and an early separator that bailed the straw.

It was neighborly of Allen and his wife to feed Dan and Norm and provide a bed. The next morning, a Thursday, bright and early Allen joined Dan and Ed to drive to Champaign, Illinois.

Herb wasn't home to help unload the UC, but that didn't keep the three travelers from looking through the buildings and admiring a fine collection of restored tractors. An Oliver 99 had just been completed and a Huber early Super-Four was in process. Herb did arrive to fill in the details about his collection.