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Picture From the Past

By Staff

This picture shows what I believe to be an early Frick 15-28 gas
tractor. The first gas-powered tractor built by Frick Co.,
Waynesboro, Pa., the 12-20, hit the market in 1918. Power came from
an Erd four-cylinder engine featuring a 4-inch bore and 6-inch

The Frick 15-28 was introduced the next year, and power came
from a Beaver four-cylinder engine featuring a 4-3/4-inch bore and
6-inch stroke. Its power rating was at 900 rpm. The 15-28, which
had 60-inch rear wheels and 45-inch front wheels, stayed in
production until 1928, when Frick ceased all tractor

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  • Published on Mar 1, 2003
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