| June/July 1986

This scale model of a 1916 Mogul 8-16 tractor was built by International Harvester Company. The owner is LeRoy A. Baumgardner, Jr., of 1710 Hanover Pike, Littlestown, PA 17340, who writes:

'There were 2 of these model tractors built by a man who worked for the company in their model department. I do not know the full details of how the man got to keep the tractors after his retirement from I.H. as a full size tractor at the Harvester Co. and use of material in the archives was needed for the model to be made. I talked to C. H. Wendel and he has confirmed that he saw one of the models in the headquarters building while doing research for his book 150 Years ofI.H.C. The model I have is a working tractor just as the big one except it uses battery ignition. Some of the measurements are: length 39', width 15', height 19', dia. of flywheel 10', rear wheels 14', front wheels 9', cyl. bore 2'. I would welcome any comments and answer all letters from the readers concerning this tractor.'

Mrs. Beverly Littlefield of Route 1, Milton, VT 05468 sent us the photo.

'It is a pair of engines and the one on the left is a 1 HP Johnny Boy Waterloo and the other one on the right is a 1 HP Busy Boy Associated. Both are owned and were restored by 'Cub' Kenneth Miner of Maplewood Avenue, Milton, Vermont.'

Three engines owned by Ernest Felterman, 126 McGee Drive, Patterson, LA 70392.

'The engines are all Caille Perfections. From left to right they are 8 HP, 4 HP and 6 HP. The 6 HP engine was first purchased in 1912. The other two should be about the same age.'