| January/February 1978

  • Andy inspecting part in shop
    Andy inspecting part in shop-stocked shelves in background.

  • Andy inspecting part in shop

Joe Goodman Tractor Parts Company, Lincoln, Nebraska parts supplier, is establishing warehouses in both the Eastern and Western, U.S. to better serve customers, according to Andrew Goodman, president.

The company already has an Eastern warehouse established at Adams Center, New York and is negotiating with several firms in the Western U.S. The company is also setting up a stocking dealer program in selected areas, according to Goodman.

'Our objective is to be able to respond even faster to our customer's needs, especially when they get into busy seasonal work and want to keep down time to the barest minimum,' says Goodman.

'More than 75% of the tractors in use today are 12 years old or older. Our specialty is supplying parts for these tractors.'

Joe Goodman Tractor Parts Company uses a unique assembly line to process, inspect and stock or rebuild parts. Strict quality control enables the firm to offer product guarantees-30 days on all used parts; 90 days on new and rebuilt parts.

'We also pride ourselves in 'same day' shipment of most orders,' says Goodman. 'We use both bus and air express shipping, depending on the need of our customers,' he adds.