O.V.A.M. To Host Biggest Ford & Fordson Reunion Ever

| April/May 1992

3379 Macedonia Rd., Bethel, Ohio 45106.

Since the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show has started a formal registry on all Ford & Fordson tractors, the mail has been pouring in. A substantial number of tractors have been compiled to date in the registry. All owners, tractors, and serial numbers have been input into a computer for easy access and printing. The forming of this registry is just one of several events leading up to the National Ford Featured Show celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 2N at Georgetown, Ohio on August 13, 14, 15, & 16, 1992.

This event will feature numerous Ford tractors, equipment, and memorabilia. There will also be several Fordsons and Ford tractors at work throughout the grounds for such things as plowing demonstrations, sawing, etc. Since Fordsons are notorious for horror stories on their starting characteristics, it is only fitting to also have a Fordson crank up contest. Anybody interested in showing or coming to this event, please contact O.V.A.M., P.O. Box 435, Georgetown, Ohio 45121. If anybody has a Ford tractor and you have not yet sent in the serial number and model, please do so, so your tractor is not left out of the registry.