Our Versatile 'G'

| December/January 1994

3561 Sorenson Road, Everson, Washington 98247

We Ewings had an eventful year in 1980. My father sold the old family poultry farm in Kirkland, Washington, to a developer, and moved to California. Also, my wife and I moved north from that area to Whatcom County, Washington. During this transition period, the old 1948 Model G Allis Chalmers was sold. It was hard parting with that piece of equipment 1 had grown up with, but we had no place to store it, and didn't anticipate a need for it any longer.

A few short months later, we purchased wooded acreage in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range just south of Canada. Many times in clearing, burning, driveway installation and home site preparation I wished I had the old tractor back. I could have kept the Allis Chalmers quite busy.

Early in August, around a dozen years ago, I went to my first threshing bee. It was at Berthusen Park in Lynden, Washington. I was fascinated by all the old equipment and antique tractors. Some were restored to like-new condition, while others, well, they were there in all of their 'experienced glory.'

While enjoying the show and observing the tremendous variety of equipment, I realized there was nothing there that even came close to resembling the tractor of my childhood. The old 'G' with the loader was unique. The memories that came rushing back of the old days on the farm!

I remember being with my father at a tractor dealer in Everett, Washington, in 1957. The area of farming implements and equipment we walked through seemed huge and dark to my five year old perception. Here, at age forty-two, Dad bought the used 1948 Allis Chalmers Model 'G,' serial #G4926, and ordered an after-market loader for it from the East Coast. After the loader arrived and the tractor dealer installed it, they delivered the unit to our new and second poultry farm out near Redmond, Washington.