| July/August 1977

  • John Deere Tractors

  • John Deere Tractors

1369 W. Grand River Road, Owosso, Mich. 48867

I would like to tell a little about our show, 'The Holder Tractor, Engine and Antique Show', that we have annually in June. Last year was our fifth show with over 75 exhibitors and 1200 in attendance.

We had on exhibit 114 tractors, numerous gas engines, 1 Case scale steam engine with threshing machine, 3 Rumley Oil Pulls, 1 Case steam engine, 1 scale Rumley Oil Pull, 2 threshing machines, 1 calliope, 1 display of John Deere toy tractors, 1 display of John Deere children's riding tractors, antique machinery and antique cars.

We also had 8 flea markets, music entertainment by a country western band, movie of the 1930s shown by John Deere Company and a spinning wheel demonstration.

Our show is sponsored by my wife and myself and our main object is that everyone come and have a good time.

I am a great enthusiast of John Deere Tractors having a collection of 51, all of which are in running condition. My favorite models are the 'D' and 'GP'. Some other items that I have collected are: 1 Avery tractor, 1 '1929' 30-50 Rumley Oil Pull, 1 Kalamazoo Motor Car (railroad), 7 John Deere children's riding tractors which is 1 of every style made so far, several gas engines, 1 threshing machine and antique machinery.