| October/November 1987

  • Little tractor

  • Little tractor

11920 Ponca Road, Omaha, NE 68112

One nice fall day in 1984 we set out to find a small I.H.C. tractor. We, (my wife Martha and I) had heard heard of just such a tractor in the South Omaha area. We spent a couple of weekends looking and ended up finding nothing.

A few weeks later we were visiting with our friends Jack and Jackie Kreeger. They are avid John Deere collectors. Well I was telling Jack about this little tractor and I'll be darned if he didn't know exactly where to find one. So Jack and I went to take a look at it.

It was a cold, windy, mid November day. When we got there we had to walk over a hill and out of sight of the road, low and behold there sat the little tractor in the middle of a large lot.

The first thing that I noticed was that the exhaust pipe didn't have a cover over it. All the tires were flat and there was a piece of raggedy canvas covering the rest of the tractor. Well, I didn't get too excited at this point. We went to a nearby garage in hopes of finding out who the owner was. The man who ran the garage told us that the owner had passed away, but that he had the wife's telephone number on the wall in his office. We went inside and sure enough the number was on the wall. We gave it a ring but didn't get an answer so we went on home.

Then one Saturday early in December of 1985 Jack called me and told me that the little tractor was for sale. He said we should go and take a closer look, but he also told me to bring the trailer. I got all hooked up to the trailer and went over to Jack's to pick him up and then we took off to where the little tractor sat. It took us about 45 minutes to get there. Those 45 minutes were enough time for anticipation to set in.