| November/December 1967

1923 Farmall Regular Gas tractor

Courtesy of Nello Mungai, R. D. 1, Hickory, Pennsylvania 15340

Nello Mungai

R.D. 1, Hickory, Pa. 15340

I thought that you and your readers would be interested in my collection. I am enclosing a photo of it. The one on the left is a 1923 Farmall Regular gas tractor, in the middle is a 1928 Chevrolet one ton truck and on the right is a 1929 four-wheel drive Massey-Harris tractor.

My sons Bill, Robert, and Bruce show a great deal of interest in these and have been a great help in restoring them to good running condition. The oldest boy Bill does the painting. When it came time to paint the Massey-Harris tractor it was getting near show time, and we had been trying to find out what the original color of this tractor was, as the time was late he went ahead and painted it-- on his own, he decided it should be red, since this is a Farmall farm, and for contrast added a generous amount of yellow. The secretary of the Tri-State Historical Steam Engine Association took one look and shaded his eyes. I know you know him Mr. Paul Crow of Charleroi. On the first day of the show that year I got a call from Toronto Canada, the headquarters of the Massey-Ferguson Company giving me more data and particulars on this make of tractor and among others the color which is a very dull army green. Well it is still red.

The 1923 Farmall Regular Gas tractor on the left, a 1928 Chevrolet one ton truck in the middle and a 1929 four-wheel drive Massey-Harris tractor.

A Go Gas Tractor, made by the General Ordinance Company in 1919, 14-28 Hp. A very rare tractor. There are only two others known to be in existence. Runs by a friction drive, no transmission or clutch. Owner is Ray Kestel, Manhattan, Illinois

Our boys are very proud to drive this equipment in our annual show. Our show is always held the third Friday and Saturday of September. This year the show will be the 15 and 16. I have been the show manager for the last five years.