Our 1947 LOVE Tractor

| June/July 1994

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Delo Centennial Farm 9630 S. Johnson Road Blanchard, Michigan 49310-9764

The restoration of our 'LOVE' tractor, manufactured in Eau Claire, Michigan, took six months, and was under the direction of good friend and body shop owner Rod Erno of Blanchard, Michigan. The results attest to Mr. Erno's talent.

The sheet metal required extensive restoration; among the needed mechanical work was replacement of the steering assembly that had been cobbled from GM car parts. We found a correct steering sector box, bracket, and column from a scrapped Love. We installed new gauges, master cylinders, many small parts, and converted to 12 volt.

This tractor was never tested at Nebraska. It has a 6 cylinder Chrysler engine, rated at 57 HP @ 2000 RPM by the manufacturer. It has a 5-speed Dodge truck transmission and a 2-speed axle. It also has hydraulic individual turning brakes (2 master cylinders, one at each pedal). It has a surplus of power compared to its weight, and is very fast on the highway.

Other tractors in our stable include: John Deere 40 Standard; John Deere 60 Orchard; Allis Chalmers WC 1947 styled; Allis Chalmers WC 1937; Allis Chalmers A 1939 (the big one); and everyone has at least one 8-N Ford (1952), but ours has been in the family since new.