OSCAR: An Institution

| February/March 1987

He calls his establishment 'Oscar's Dreamland' and for all collectors of gas and steam farm engines that is a most appropriate title.

At 85, he is going strong, with a memory like a computer, energy enough for three men half his age, and a zest for life that is unbeatable.

He is Oscar Cook, who wears neat overalls on the job and dresses like a gentleman sportsman in the evening when he entertains at the Billings Petroleum Club.

With the assistance of his wife Marcella he keeps all his operations moving with top executive skill-yet is happy to conduct visitors through the three huge warehouses in which he stores his invaluable collection.

He can reel off the history of every tractor and steam traction engine with ease. He knows who made them, problems the manufacturers may have faced, who used to own them, and how he got them.

He collects old buildings and has enough of them placed on his Dream land property to form a village in themselves.