One Year 'Winter Project'

| December/January 1995

4154 Main Road, Tiverton, Rhode Island 02878

In October 93 my 1950 Farmall Cub required some minor mechanical work. One year later I completed the repairs and a whole lot more. The Cub was purchased in 1950 for $800 by my family. It was fitted with three 36' Bulldog mowers to mow our four acres of lawn including an apple orchard. In its early years, the Cub powered a generator, a water pump and a cord wood saw via its PTO. I learned to operate the Cub at six years of age with the addition of wooden blocks on the pedals.

Although my mechanical expertise for this undertaking was somewhat limited, I asked many questions of knowledgeable friends. The tractor was completely disassembled to the last bolt. The engine was sent out for its first complete rebuild. All gaskets, seals and bushings were replaced. The clutch and throw out bearing, as well as the brake bands, were replaced even though they were like new.

All parts were available through a local IH Case dealer. Tires and decals were purchased through GEM advertisers.

Every piece of the tractor was stripped of all paint, primed and finished with tractor red enamel. A lot of masking tape and newspaper made a detailed paint job worthwhile. The tractor had always been garaged and serviced faithfully, so it was in good overall condition in appearance and was mechanically sound, making the restoration process go very smoothly.

I've just finished restoring the IH 1000 single arm loader which I bought several years ago to replace the original Henderson loader. The tractor is fitted with dual rear wheels for traction and stability essential with the loader. The dual rear wheels were reinstalled when the loader went back on.