One of a Kind: Engine and Tractor

| January/February 1998

By Richard Eisenreich,

6807 24th Street, Rio Linda, California 95673-2801

Fourteen years ago, I received a small hit and miss engine from an uncle for whom I had done a favor 49 years ago. My uncle had passed away and I flew to Wisconsin from California to pick up the engine in 1983.

I didn't have any history of the engine but enjoyed running it with a pump that came with it.

I had only observed stationary engines pumping water by windmills at the county and state fairs when I was then working on a dairy farm fifty years ago.

A year after I received this engine I decided to build a small tractor to put it on, so my grandchildren could drive around our place. I am not one for drawing plans to build items but make a sketch on a board and what turns out is what I get.