One Collector's Experiences Tracking Down A Centaur

| August/September 1991

R.R.# 1 ,Box 356 Sparta, IL 62286

I have two brothers-in-law who got me interested in old engines. Their names are Jim and Dave Baue. My father-in-law, Bill Baue, got them started several years ago by taking them to the Pinckneyville, Illinois Power Progress Shows.

Mr. Baue (Bill) worked most of his life for the Illinois Power Company as a groundman and truck driver. In his early years, he spent some of his spare time installing and maintaining Delco light plants. We did our best to buy one which he had installed, but it had been lying idle in a shed for many years. The present owner would not sell. We wanted to give it to him for a Christmas gift, but that didn't work out.

Bill and his son Dave drove to Tennessee and bought a 2 1/2 horse Fuller and Johnson. It was in very poor condition, so they got kind of discouraged and didn't do too much with it for several years. By that time, Bill was getting older (he was about 80 by then), and before we got a Delco or the Fuller and Johnson running, Bill passed away.

My father-in-law and I got along very well. He and I spent a lot of time fishing and taking weekend. He influenced my life as much as my dad did.

Several years after Bill died, I started going to more gas engine shows, and because of his interest in old machines and his sons' interest, I got hooked too.