On English Tractors

| July/August 1972

  • 'Eagle'  HP marine engine
    An 'Eagle' HP marine engine with copper water jacket, made in Newark, N. J. about 1915.
    John Hoover

  • 'Eagle'  HP marine engine

98 Hailey Road, Witney, Oxfordshire, 0X85HQ England.

We find your Gas Engine Magazine most interesting as we have no such book that looks after the interest of tractor and engine owners in this country.

Here are two of my small engines:

An 'Indian' 1914 motorcycle engine, manufactured by the Hendee Manufacturing Company, Springfield, Mass.   Courtesy of George Wakefield, South St., Gladstone, N. J. 07934.

Its good to see how the other half lives (or plays), although there seems to be very little difference between the engine and tractor of both countries. We over here find a great bond of friendship between those interested no matter what class or upbringing the person has if he is interested in old cars, tractors, engines, or steam engines.

I was brought up on a farm during the 1920's on which we used a British Marshall Steam Portable, an Overtime (Waterlou Boy), and 1917 Fordson Tractors.