| January/February 1993

  • OMC Tractor

  • OMC Tractor

Wayne Whitely of R 1, Abilene, Kansas 67410 is the proud owner of a rare O.M.C. tractor. He has gathered some information on the O.M.C., including a sales brochure and a January 18, 1939 article from the Salina, Kansas Journal.

According to the news article, F. Amos Ostenberg, a partner in the Ostenberg Motor Parts Company, built a tractor, with an investment of $3,000.00 in a year's time. The interesting thing about the tractor is how it was put together:

'The machine is 'assembled.' That is, as Amos Ostenberg explains, it is put together from stock parts of regular auto makers. This is made possible by the design of the frame, an exclusive patent, known as a T-type box made out of six inch angle iron.

'The only parts that are made and will be made in future models by Ostenberg, are the frame which makes such assembly possible, the enclosed, oil-bathed chain drive, front-axle assembly, and such accessories as grill, hood and tanks.'

The rubber tired tractor had a 12-20 rating and was designed to pull two 14 inch plows, a six or eight foot combine, or any standard equipment. The tractor was expected to debut at a Wichita tractor show in February, 1939.

F. A. Ostenberg and his brother Luther began an auto parts business in Salina in 1918. Their father had been in the tractor and implement business. Construction of the tractor was scheduled to take place in the Ostenberg Motor Parts Company building at 136 South Fifth Street, Salina, and employees were reportedly enthusiastic about beginning production. The article continues: