| March/April 1995

5040 Boston Harbor Road, N.E. Olympia, Washington 98506-1850

Last year (1993) Branch #20 of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association was asked to participate in the many events that take place during this weekend. The show that Branch #20 put on went over so well they were asked to come back again this year. This year there were one-third more displays set up than last year and it grows every year. The weekend Festival is put on by the South Sound Maritime Heritage Association.

The first day of the show, September 3, was a very wet and rainy day. It rained off and on all day, but members and guests who brought engines and tractors kept the engines popping and tractors running.

The public viewers were down com pared to last year, but Sunday, September 4, the sun came out and the viewers showed up by the busloads. The city of Olympia uses one of their buses and decorates it and calls it the 'tug bus' and you can ride it free all weekend.

Branch #20 Engine and Tractor Association is just one club that takes part in the many events of the weekend Festival.

Paul Pearman, president of Branch #20, and Cal Lockwood are the organizers of the tractor and engine show. This year the Maritime Association asked Paul to invite some people who have old cars and trucks to take part in the festival. Paul Pearman is a member of the American Truck Historical Society and president of the Model 'A' Restorers' Club of South Puget Sound Region. Paul is also a member of the Historical Car Club Association. He asked that club to take part in the show. There were six trucks, and four cars. Maybe next year more will take part.