Olley The Oliver

| November/December 1990

  • Oliver Tractor

  • Oliver Tractor

(10 year old son of Vince Mikulanis)

Once upon a time there was a tractor named Olley. Olley was very sad. His owner had worked him so hard on the wrong kind of land that he rolled him over. His wheels were all bent out of shape and his tires were torn so bad that he was set on a rock and left to rust.

One day Elmer was riding by in his truck and saw Olley just sitting there. 'Hmmm. I wonder if I could buy him,' thought Elmer. Elmer was very interested in old tractors like Olley. When he walked up to Olley he whistled in amazement. Olley was an Oliver tractor born in 1934- He had red spoke wheels and a green top. The spokes were very special because they were round. Elmer talked to Olley's owner and the owner said. 'You can have him. I don't want him. He can't do a thing.'

A few days later Elmer and his son, Jasper, came to pick Olley up. Olley smiled at the whirr of the electric winch putting him on the trailer because he knew he would be given a good home. As the trip began Olley heard Elmer and Jasper talking.

'How would you like to have the tractor?' asked Elmer.

'Gee. I would love it! You mean he would be my own?' asked Jasper.