Oliver Super 55

| January/February 1992

615 Windy Hill Drive, Westminster, Maryland 21157

These are pictures of my Oliver Super built in 1955, Serial #14058-518.

I bought this tractor from a friend who told me how great Olivers were. I bought it in the fall of 1990 and restored it over the winter of 1990 and 1991. After a minute of running, I had to check the gas and fill the oil since it smoked so bad. I rebuilt the entire tractor including the engine, PTO, and all of the seals. The 'before' picture is when I first started it and ran it out of the shop after repairing the engine. The sheet metal was in very good condition and all it needed was sandblasting and painting.

My friend was right-Olivers are great, I enjoy them very much. I hope to restore more Olivers in the future.

My special thanks to Sam.