At Jack town In July

| March/April 1995

  • 1 HP vertical Olads
    1 HP self contained vertical Olds.
  • Olds engines
    The line up of Olds engines.
  • 4/5 HP Rumely Segar Olds
    Loydd Osmund with his 4/5 HP Rumely Segar Olds.

  • 1 HP vertical Olads
  • Olds engines
  • 4/5 HP Rumely Segar Olds

P.O. Box 42  New Tripoli, Pennsylvania 18066

During the 23rd annual show of the Blue Mountain Gas 6k Steam Engine Association, held in Bangor, Pennsylvania, a series of restored Olds engines were on display by Loydd Osmund of Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Loydd, who is a well known engine enthusiast in the eastern Pennsylvania area, fulfilled his long time goal by exhibiting his series of restored Olds engines. For many collectors, owning and exhibiting different makes of gasoline engines at shows is the main track of interest. However, Loydd Osmund chose to specialize in one particular brand of engine. To him it is more of a challenge to locate and restore the specific HP sizes and variations of one brand. Mr. Osmund's dedicated interest in the Olds Company and its equipment led him to the goal of displaying such an array of engines quite like those seen years ago at county fairs where manufacturers presented their machines to farmers and other potential users. This large exhibit included Olds, Rumely Olds, and Rumely Segar Olds engines ranging in horsepower from 1 through 8.

Loydd displayed a total of nine Olds engines. Each engine holds it own unique history, as explained by Loydd. Many were in a state of disrepair before many hours of hard work brought them back to life.

Included in the display of engines were: a 1 HP self contained vertical; a 1 HP Rumely Olds; a 1 HP with pump jack bracket; a 1 HP Rumely Olds; a 1 Breisch model of Rumely Olds; a 3 HP Rumely Segar Olds; a 4 HP Rumely Segar Olds; a 6 HP Rumely Segar Olds; and an 8 HP Rumely Segar Olds.

Loydd's display was always operational throughout the show, with only a momentary shut down for refueling on the bigger engines.


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