Old Trundaar Comes Home to Anderson

| April/May 1987

  • Trundaar tractor
    This Trundaar tractor was made in 1918 in Anderson, Indiana, by the J. W. Lambert Buckeye Manufacturing Co. This tractor, weighing 9,800 pounds, has a four cylinder Waukesha engine with a 25/40 horsepower rating. Owner Joe F. McClain bought it from the Br

  • Trundaar tractor

2025 Hillcrest Drive, Anderson, Indiana 46012

This is the only one known to be in existence, and will be on display in the Anderson History Museum along with numerous Anderson and Lambert gas engines, plus the 1908 Anderson car, June 6 and 7, 1987.

There were only around 100 of these tractors made, so I would appreciate hearing from anyone having any information about the Trundaar or who knows where one is.

Jacob Warden
9/7/2018 1:32:38 AM

There is one in Grangeville Idaho it was owned by Ted Billups of Grangeville he died a couple months ago but it is going up for auction in late September I spent all night tonight getting it running and I have a video on my phone of us are getting it started today and running out for about 10 minutes!