Old Tractor Brought Back To Life

| December/January 1988

  • John Deere

  • John Deere

17 Seventh Street Surf City, New Jersey 08008. 

This is the story of an old tractor brought back to life. I belong to a trapshooting club in the Jersey pinelands near Forked River, New Jersey. We have about 8 acres of cleared land and we were looking for a used tractor to do our mowing and maintenance.

Time went by without finding a tractor within our means, money wise. Finally one of our members whose name is Russell Algor spoke up and said that he had an old tractor sitting in a field in back of his house. He went on to say that it had been given to him by an old farmer who had used it for about 20 years and that it had finally stopped running and had been sitting for quite a few years.

I asked Russell what make of tractor it was and he said he thought it was a Ford but wasn't sure.

One day I took time to go and see what it was like and found it to be in sad shape.

The lower sheet metal and crank bracket were off and lying in the weeds, the radiator had been frozen and was in bad shape, the engine block had a large crack in the water jacket, the tires were flat and rotted, and the hood and other sheet metal were bent up and rusted.