Old Timer 'and Gas Tractors

| September/October 1974

Alvordton, Ohio 43501

I think I should write about my farm gas tractor experiences. I bought a new 10-20 McCormick Deering farm tractor on April 1st 1925. and was just as pleased with it as I was disgusted with the Fordson the year previous.

This 10-20 burned kerosene and when working it in hard plowing, the magneto shorting lever could be put clear down, and it would fire just like a diesel but when you lifted the plow it would stop if you did not advance the magneto lever.

This tractor had power enough to run the new 8 roll Advance-Rumely corn husker-shredder that I bought in 1924. I traded it in on a new 15-30 hp. McCormick-Deering tractor on Nov. 4th 1927 that we plowed 5000 acres the first 10 years, besides lots of belt work. I still am using that 15-30 tractor after 46 years of usage. This tractor had 6' high spade lugs and wore out two sets, and had the third set on when I put it on rubber in June 1936. It has never had a broken rear axle shaft as it is a 6 spline 3-1/2' shaft.

I wanted-an electric self starter, so bought a new 252 cu. in. Dodge truck engine, and installed it in February 1947. After 18 years use I replaced that engine with a 266 cu. in. Chrysler 'Spitfire'. These engines would not pull as much on a heavy load, but would do more work at faster speeds as they developed about 50 hp. at 1800 R.P.M.

My next tractor was a homemade one with an International truck frame and front axle with a new 236 cu. in. Dodge truck engine, and Mack double reduction rear axle with pneumatic tires. I and my son assembled this in the Spring of 1937 and use it for high speed grain and seed sowing.